Nursing Home Employees Make 1st Record Album!

Gary Cooke, Administrator at Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park, and five other Signature HealthCARE employees created their first record album titled, “We are Family”.

Gary has a passion for music which started when he was in high school. While growing up, Gary played the trumpet in the high school band and was in the choir and ensemble. His passion for music derived from his parents who were both active in their church choir.

Being involved in the music industry at a young age enabled Gary to become what one can consider, a local celebrity! He has played in a local classic rock band called “Upstream”, which has opened for various bands including Starship, The Temptations, and Blake Shelton. Currently, Gary is playing the bass in a band called Thermal Image, recording with Instant Amnesia which is a rock band, and is in a duo called Southpaw that plays classic rock, pop rock, and alternative. Some of Gary’s musical favorites are Bob Marley, Bruce Hornsby, Donavon Frankenreiter, Frank Sinatra, Jars of Clay, John Mayer, Lincoln Brewster, Kenny Chesney, and U2.

Aside from his musical passion, Gary has a passion to serve the residents at Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park. He has been a licensed Administrator since 1990 and has been employed at the facility since 2007.

Gary Cooke, states, “I am so proud to work for an organization that recognizes the value of the arts. I cannot thank Joe Steier (President and CEO of Signature HealthCARE) enough for his vision, generosity and bold genius to underwrite the project and for making dreams I didn’t even know I had come true.”

The Compassion Fund, Inc., a not for profit organization, grew out of the desire to provide assistance and alleviate suffering of Signature HealthCARE employees and communities. The communities and Signature HealthCARE employees are eligible to apply for assistance when they have experienced an unexpected, catastrophic event beyond their control and are unable to meet basic needs without assistance. The proceeds from the sale of the CD are being donated to the Compassion Fund. For more information about The Compassion Fund, Inc. visit Please visit a Signature HealthCARE facility near you for a copy today!