Signature HealthCare of Orange Park hosted a volunteer fair.

On Thursday, July 28th, Signature HealthCare of Orange Park hosted a volunteer fair.  At 3 o’clock in our Dining room, our volunteers gathered for an afternoon of education, appreciation, and fun!

Speakers included our QOL director, Administrator, Maintenance director, Rehab director, and Chaplain.  All departments expressed gratitude for the volunteers and shared information that would be helpful to future visits in the building.  Volunteers also experienced a fire-safety inservice.

Following the speakers, volunteers were invited to engage in a ‘virtual dementia experience’.  They were put into a situation where they had limited vision, speech, and mobility and were able to experience a few moments of what some of our residents go through every day.  This was very eye-opening and even emotional for some of the volunteers.

Raffles, and a food reception followed.  All volunteers and staff had a great time and we look forward to doing this again in the future!