Sharing is Caring

One of the great things about Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park is that we get the great opportunity of having local college students be a part of our facility during their clinical trainings.
Not only are they appreciated by our residents and nursing team, but it affords me the privilege to share with them the value and role of a Chaplain in long-term care and rehabilitation facilities.
Sharing the importance of Signature’s HealthCARE’s Spirituality Pillar with the nursing students allows each of us to learn and bring awareness to how we can better enrich the lives of our residents. Sharing is caring!

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Christmas Inspirational

“Thanks be to God for His gift that is too wonderful for words.”
2 Corinthians 9:15

The holiday season is a time of year when special days are celebrated all over the world. Celebrations are expressed in various ways: cards are mailed, gifts are exchanged, family and friends gather for special parties and dinners, and vigils are held. Though these are all wonderful expressions of love – we must not lose sight of why we celebrate the holiday called Christmas.

In being grateful that God sent His only son, baby Jesus, as the perfect gift to this world as an expression of His love for mankind, I am also grateful to the Lord for sending me to Signature HealthCare to help care for our wonderful residents.
Truly, this is my favorite time of year for being at home and enjoying my family; however, the residents are also a part of my family and I enjoy being in their home in our facilities spending time with them as well.

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How Can I Know What’s Best For My Parent?

Working here at Signature HealthCare has given me a great opportunity to listen to patients express their hearts and concerns about their elderly parents.

If you are not sure what decisions to make or what steps to take; begin by accepting the aging process and try to see the disabilities of aging through your parents eyes. As we age; we will experience weaknesses in our physical well-being such as loss of hearing, poor vision, memory loss, arthritis, and other physical limitations.

Help your parents accept their physical failings and limitations with creativity and humor and even assist in preparing them for death.

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From the Desk of the Chaplain

Our Signature HealthCare Team here at Orange Park recognizes the challenges of placing your love one in a long-term care and rehabilitation facility.

As Chaplain here at Signature of Orange Park; with joy and compassion; I strive to do my best to support our patients and residents where they are at their point of need.

During their stay; it is my goal to help ensure that your love one will have a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Our spirituality team serves as more than just a source of prayer, but as a specific intervention of hope and healing.

Beloved, I pray that you shall prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

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Blessing Of the Hands at Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park

With the blessing of our Administrator and DON, I took the service to our Nursing Stations and explained the concept and every nurse came close and joined in the blessing with the responses. There was an atmosphere of holiness right at the main intersections, much appreciation at being appreciated, a few tears, hushed comments that “We need much prayer,” and “That was beautiful. Thank you,” echoed by many other Thank You’s.

From our Holy and Blessed Nursing staff and from me for initiating this blessing today, thank you indeed.

National Day Of Prayer Celebrated At Orange Park

The 2013 National Day of Prayer was celebrated recently at Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park with great fanfare. The entire facility gathered in the Dining Room and welcomed guests and everyone prayed together, led by the Director of Nursing, residents, the Rehab Services Manager and the Chaplain. The service concluding with a viewing of the National Prayer Events at the Cannon House Office building on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.