Happy Father’s Day!

My father taught me and said; let thine heart hold on to my words.
Proverbs 4:4

Dear friends and families, our team here at Signature would like to thank you for entrusting your fathers into our care.
It is truly awesome to be a part of the lives of men who have served our country, who were a part of building bridges, vehicles and houses, and even aiding in keeping our communities safe. Yet, with all else that they have done, they are not just veterans, retired laborers, and our residents; more importantly they are great fathers who made great sacrifices and have made significant differences in the lives of their children. Even now they are still living meaningful and purposeful lives.
Not only are we grateful to be able to care for them, but we are also blessed to be able to learn from them. Happy Father’s Day from the Signature HealthCARE family of Orange Park to yours!

– Rachel West, Chaplain