Sacred Six Champion – Positivity

Amy Haskell – Admissions/Marketing Coordinator
Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park

It is a privilege to have Amy as a part of our team. As part of her exercise routine, Amy walks to work and comes in motivated and ready to take on her daily tasks. She creates positive energy, and by this, others have been motivated and are taking positive steps towards their physical activities. Amy always comes into work with a smile, projecting a contagious good mood at all times. Amy enjoys being a part of our residents lives by supporting them in their special activities, ensuring that they are always smiling. Amy is truly admired for the initiatives she takes to assist in celebrating our stakeholders in their special occasions, continually affirming that as a part of our team, they are very much appreciated. It is no wonder Amy is the President of our Stakeholder Engagement Committee. She finds the best in every person and circumstance, which, positively makes a difference.

Thank you, Amy!